Stable diffusion – Pictures at your finger tip on your local computer

Following the instructions revealed here:

for Ubuntu (Debian based system). It is just the following two commands and then you are ready to create artifical pictures:

sudo apt install wget git python3 python3-venv

bash <(wget -qO-

And then you can open your browser under the following address (as described in the console output) to generate pictures:

Be aware a lot of GPU power is requried. With 4GB of VRAM for example you will be only able to create pictures of the size 512×512:

As stated on wikipedia ( : The user owns the rights to their generated output images, and is free to use them commercially.[48]

Furthermore very intersting statement on reddit ( by user KhaiNguyen:

“If you want to be “absolutely safe”, create images without borrowing the style from any living artist. “

The following two images have been created using those instructions and advises.

A beautiful cute unicorn.
A tasty burger menu






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